Brochures and investment strategy resources

Publicly downloadable resources from Investment Quorum.
Guide to Investment Quorum
“We are owned entirely by our staff, so our values are very much aligned with yours.”
Expert portfolio management
“We have a robust five-stage process for creating and monitoring your investment portfolio. Every stage is underpinned by rigorous research, discipline and conviction.”
Inspiring financial planning
“The cornerstone of building a sound financial plan is to incorporate financial modelling and regularly review this as part of our annual review process.”
Investment Process
"Adding value through asset allocation, risk management and fund selection."
Business Property Relief
"The main aim of Business Property Relief (BPR) was to protect family-owned businesses and enable them to carry on trading after the death of the owner without an inheritance tax (IHT) liability."
Cashflow Planning
"At Investment Quorum, we understand that planning for success can be complicated in today's world."
Family Investment Companies
"Family investment companies (FIC) offer a different structure enabling individuals to pass on wealth while maintaining control of assets, as well as offering potentially greater tax efficiency."
Legacy Planning
"It is important to think not only about the potential impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate but also on how assets are to be passed, who they should be passed to and the timing of that."
Loan Trust
"A loan trust involves an individual establishing a trust. But rather than making a gift, the settlor lends money to the trust."
Offshore Investment Bonds
"Offshore investment bonds are a tax-efficient way for you to invest money over the medium to long term."
IQ’s Retirement Planning Journey
"We have developed a robust framework to reduce the risks you might face when drawing on your assets for income, providing you with purpose, clarity and peace of mind."
IQ’s Retirement Income Solution
"To help our clients reduce the risks that they face in retirement, we created a unique, tried and tested solution."
Planning How to Access your Pension
"Pension freedoms have given those with personal pensions greater choice in retirement than ever before. However, with choice can come confusion, making advice in this area evenmore important."
Protecting Wealth
"Making the right decisions now can bring peace of mind of a clearer future for you and your family."
Use of Trusts
"Trusts are not a one-size-fits-all solution, but they are incredibly useful for protecting and giving you control over your assets."
IQ Financial Planning Process
"We start by determining exactly what your short, medium- and long-term goals are. Only after having clearly identified your priorities can we start planning your finances and formulating recommendations."