Busy entrepreneurs

Financial advice for entrepreneurs

Time is precious when you’re a busy entrepreneur. Whether you are starting, running, or exiting a business, we’re here to help.

We manage your personal finances as you race toward building your dream. We are efficient, fast, and proactive, covering all bases to give you peace of mind.
An entrepreneur at work looking for an adviser to manage his finances.

How we help

We get it - as an entrepreneur, managing a thriving business consumes your day, leaving little time for personal financial planning. That's where we step in, offering strategic wealth management for entrepreneurs. We set the stage for your future financial freedom and security while you focus on your venture.
A financial roadmap
Take comfort in knowing that the money you work so hard for is working for you, and those you care about.

Financial freedom means spending more time with your loved ones. It also means achieving a healthier work-life balance. And that isn’t always easy as an entrepreneur. You might be working towards early retirement. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to navigate your exit strategy. Or wondering how much to sell your business for to achieve your desired lifestyle.

We will listen to what you want to achieve. Then we’ll create a personalised roadmap to get you where you want to be. Your goals will become our goals, and we’ll be by your side until you achieve them.
Informed financial decisions
As Chartered financial planners, we will be your reliable sounding board for making big decisions.

Cashflow modelling is the bedrock of good financial planning. It also forms an integral part of our entrepreneurs’ wealth management service. Using sophisticated financial modelling software, we can demonstrate the impact different financial choices will have on your future and help you make fully informed decisions. It can provide useful insights and answers to key questions such as:

- How soon can I retire?
- What should I sell my business for?
- How much money should I be saving?
Investing for your future
Making sure the money you’re earning in your business works for you and your family, today and in the future.

As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to find the balance between leaving money to grow within the business and extracting it for your everyday expenditure.

At IQ, a core aspect of our financial advice for entrepreneurs involves bespoke investment planning and reporting.

We help entrepreneurs invest in a wide variety of investment strategies as their businesses develop. Whether you are looking for high-risk or long-term stable investments, we will ensure your portfolio is well diversified with the right level of liquidity for you.
Preserving your wealth
Being so focused on running your company, it’s easy to lose sight of your family finances. Let IQ take charge of preserving your wealth, whilst you keep your eyes on your business.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. The reward for entrepreneurial risk can be very substantial, but the ride isn’t always smooth. The key to your success is ensuring you have financial protection and security.

Part of our entrepreneurs’ wealth management service involves providing advice on the right type and level of insurance to limit risks. Regular check-ins with your adviser will make sure you’re on track to the future you want.
Tax efficiency
We minimise your tax bills, so you keep more of your hard-earned money for your personal needs.

Don’t let the tax tail wag the investment dog. Ensuring your finances are structured in a tax-efficient way is key to growing your wealth. Making full use of your tax allowances is a key part of our wealth management for entrepreneurs service. We analyse these for you and advise you on how to mitigate your Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and more.


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How does Investment Quorum support entrepreneurs?
Our wealth management for entrepreneurs service can assist at three different stages of your company’s life cycle.

In the beginning stages, we help you establish the necessary protections for your business and any key man cover you may need.

During the growth phase, we can help you explore options for developing employee loyalty and ensure your personal assets are invested appropriately.

In the exit phase, we help you organise your personal finances before selling your company and guide you through the post-sale implications. If you are thinking about retiring, we are here to help you transition smoothly and ensure your financial stability.
Why should I choose Investment Quorum for entrepreneurs’ wealth management?
As an IQ client, you’ll have your own dedicated wealth manager and client services individual allocated to your needs for entrepreneurs' wealth management.

Everyone you speak to knows you personally and you're welcome to call or meet with us whenever needed. By becoming a client of IQ, you join our extended family, with your goals and your family’s best interests becoming ours.

Investment Quorum is a fiercely independent business, entirely owned by our staff. We invest our own money alongside yours, ensuring that our values are aligned.
How much does financial advice for entrepreneurs cost?
At IQ, we champion transparent and fair pricing. Our services are bespoke, tailored to you as an individual.

Our straightforward charging structure will help you determine whether we’re the right match for you. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss specific fees for our services at any time.