Documents area (mobile app)

If you need guidance on which documents to upload to IQ Wealth, please refer to our suggestions below.

  1. Open the IQ Wealth app on your device.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the documents icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You will then see a list of default folders.

Here is a list of which files can be uploaded to each folder:

  • Anti Money Laundering Documents: Passport, driving licence, bank statement, utility bills
  • Your Review Packs: Performance reports
  • Tax information: P60, payslip, tax return, tax code changes
  • Market updates: Commentary on your portfolio
  • Plan Information: Any documentation relating to any of your plans
  • Client Agreements: Signed Client Agreement with Investment Quorum
  • Property documents: Council tax bill, rental agreement, mortgage statement
  • ICE - In Case of Emergency: Any documents that can assist your loved ones, such as instructions to find your original will, or the PIN code to any devices
  • Insurance Documents: Policy information, Trust documentation
  • Suitability Documents: Financial planning reports, suitability letters, Key Features Documents, illustrations
  • Power of Attorney: Copy of your Power of Attorney documents
  • Wills: Copy of your Will

If you need help uploading any documents, click on the article below:

How to upload a document (mobile app)