Guide to Contributing to My 7IM Portfolio (excluding 7IM SIPP)

To make a contribution to your 7IM General Investment Account (GIA) or Individual Savings Account (ISA), you need to make a payment to the following bank details:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Branch: 5-10 Great Tower Street

Sort Code: 16-04-00

A/C No: 31266302

A/C Name: Pershing Securities Ltd Client Hub Account.

Payment Reference Number: Use your full portfolio reference number (beginning with IMF) as the payment reference number. Please note that your reference number may contain a zero, not the letter O.

If you do not know your portfolio number and have a login to IQ Wealth, you can find it in Net Worth under Savings & Investments. Look for the reference number next to Individual Dealing Portfolio.

You will need to use the reference number next to Individual Dealing Portfolio. Do not include the D at the end of the reference as part of the payment reference number.

Example: IMF01ABX

If you are not using IQ Wealth, please contact Investment Quorum using the hyperlink below to request your Payment Reference Number.

Email the team

For ISA contributions, please use your Individual Dealing Portfolio reference (e.g. IMF01ABX) and not IMF01ABXSH.

If you did not subscribe to your ISA in the last tax year, you will need to complete a declaration form before the payment can be applied to the ISA. Please contact us using the hyperlink above to request this.

After making your contribution, please contact us via secure message on IQ Wealth or by emailing the team, using the hyperlink above.

A member of the Client Services team will confirm receipt of the payment within the next working day if it is made before 5pm between Monday and Friday.

If you would like to contribute to your 7IM SIPP, please refer to our article below:

How do I contribute to my 7IM SIPP?