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Understanding Our Annual Remuneration Review Process and Committee Decisions

Remuneration Policy & Practices Disclosure - Jan 2024

Firm name Investment Quorum Ltd

Remuneration Disclosure Year ended 30 September 2023

Dated January 2024


A separate remuneration committee exists as a sub-committee of the Board, including the Non-Executive Chairman.No external consultants have been engaged on remuneration matters.

Pay & Performance

Remuneration is reviewed annually, in conjunction with the appraisal process. A recommendation regarding overall remuneration levels is made by the IQ Remuneration Committee. A variable bonus may be awarded based on designated performance factors, in a process overseen by the IQ Remuneration Committee. The non-executive chairman is only entitled to receive fees and does not participate in any bonus scheme, nor does he receive any pension arrangements or other benefits.

Aggregate remuneration data (£’000)

The total amount of remuneration awarded to all staff in the year ended 30 September 2023 was £1,715k, split into fixed remuneration of £1,565k and variable remuneration of £150k.