What are anti-money laundering (AML) documents?

Reviewing anti-money laundering (AML) documentation is a crucial part of the customer due diligence process. It ensures that you are who you claim to be.

We require two types of AML documentation: proof of identity and proof of address. If you are an existing client and have recently moved, we will request a proof of address document to confirm your new residence.

Below are the documents that you can use for these requests:

Proof of Identity

  • Full UK or foreign passport (provided it is still valid)
  • Full UK or foreign photo card driving licence (provided it is still valid)
  • Photo card national identity card (provided it is still valid)

Proof of Address

  • Full UK photo card driving licence bearing your residential address - if not already used as proof of identity (provided it is still valid)
  • A UK or foreign bank statement (dated within the last three months)
  • A UK mortgage statement (dated within the last 12 months)
  • A UK council tax bill (for the current tax year)
  • A letter or bill from a utility company (less than 3 months old, except for water bills, which must relate to the current charging period). Note that mobile phone bills are not accepted.

Source: Gov.UK

If you are asked to provide any of these documents, you can upload them to your IQ Wealth account, or you can email them to us using the button below:

Email the team

If you are unsure how to upload a document to the IQ Wealth app, please refer to one of the following articles:

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